Month: June 2017

The Ancient Secret of Longevity and Beauty

What did the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and the only Chinese empress Wu Zetian have in common?

Humanity has been pursuing the secret of a long and happy life since the beginning of the time. There are much knowledge and wisdom on this subject, but of all of this knowledge, it is the Taoists’ longevity and immortality practices that really stand out as extraordinary.

Taoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy initiated by Lao Zi some 2500 to 3000 years ago. Taoism is a way of life, which involved living in union with nature, and Taoist masters are famous for having achieved longevity (and even immortality) by using herbs and minerals, as well as by studying special energy practices. For example, Master Peng Zu is recorded to have lived for 880 years, while Master Zhang San Feng lived for more than 400 years. A number of immortal Taoists are also recorded through history and include Dongbing Liu and Xiangu He. The stories about these amazing people have been cherished for thousands of years.

Using herbs and other powerful natural products to achieve longevity is one of the most important components of Taoist practice. Taoist scholars have accumulated a great deal of wisdom and have many secrets in this regard. Of all of the herbs and minerals that Taoists use to achieve longevity, pearl stands out as particularly potent. In the ancient Taoist book Bao Pu Zi by Gehong Jin (AD 281–341) it is said that taking pearl can prolong life and even help to make people immortal.

Pearl has always been highly coveted among the Chinese nobility. In ancient China, emperors would designate tens of thousands of people in certain parts of the country as pearl collectors. The Chinese imperial family ingested pearl powder and applied it externally so that they could enjoy the pearl’s many benefits. When taken internally, they believed pearl powder could help:

  1. Calm the mind, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve mental acuity and focus

  2. Enhance memory

  3. Promote emotional balance

  4. Drive away evil spirits

  5. Cleanse the liver

  6. Improve eyesight

  7. Prevent eye degeneration and disease

  8. Nourish the kidney and heart

  9. Nourish and strengthen bone

  10. White and strengthen teeth

  11. Nourish and strengthen muscle and speed up muscle recovery

  12. Rejuvenate skin and heal skin problems

  13. Stop children from crying at night due to fear or disturbances

  14. Heal stomach illness

  15. Help people live longer and healthier lives

They also used pearl powder as an ingredient in the following products:

  • Facial cream to give younger looking skin

  • Toothpaste and tooth powder for whiter and stronger teeth

  • Eye drops to promote eye health and better vision

  • Liniment for wounds, sores, burns, or other skin problems

Wu Ze Tian (AD 625–705), the only woman in Chinese history to ever attain the title of Emperor, consumed pearl powder and also applied pearl beauty cream to her skin. When she ascended to the throne at the age of 65, her skin was as radiant as that of a young woman. Wu Ze Tian lived for another fifteen years, reaching the age of 80 at a time when life expectancy was only 40–60 years.

But it wasn’t only in China that the ancients used pearl powder. It is recorded that in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra drank wine vinegar with a pearl in it to enhance her beauty and health. Native Americans considered pearl to have magical healing powers, while archaeologists have also found that Mayan “dentists” used pearl as a tooth filling that grew seamlessly into the existing teeth!

Studies Indicate That Pearl Might Also be Used Effectively for Treating and Preventing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a terribly pervasive disease. Today, the National Institute of Health estimates that half of all women and a quarter of all men over the age of fifty will break a bone because of osteoporosis. The disease quietly thins and weakens bones until they become so fragile that they break very easily. Because of the ‘silent’ nature of osteoporosis, it is extremely hard to catch – usually, people are unaware they are inflicted until they’re in the hospital with a fracture or broken bone.

Most of the risk factors for osteoporosis are frustratingly out of control: among these are getting older, being thin, being white or Asian, being female and/or having a family history of osteoporosis… Despite this large minefield of possible causes, a cure for osteoporosis is yet unknown!

French scientists have been testing the relationship between human bone cells and pearl since 1990. They discovered that when mother-of-pearl pieces were inserted into a layer of osteoblast cells, the bone cells multiplied until they formed a complete bone sequence. In another study in 2003, these scientists found that inserting pearl “tooth filling” inside sheep’s tooth cavity can make existing tooth stronger in addition to stimulating new tooth growth.

Chinese scientist Dr. Y Shen and colleagues discovered similar results in their own studies. They examined the bone-building power of pearl in a simulated culture of body fluid and cells. Not only did the pearl stimulate osteoblast proliferation, but when compared to another osteogenic calcium source, the pearl was more effective in building strong, healthy bone.

Furthermore, French scientists have shown that pearl can reduce the rate of bone resorption. Chinese scientists also showed that calcium from pearl is more easily absorbed to the human body than other commonly used calcium sources. Together, these studies show that pearl might be used effectively for treating and preventing osteoporosis. No drug can accomplish this today.

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