Ancient Secret of the Pearl


Research indicates that some proteins in pearl powder act just like”signal proteins” in the human body.  Signal proteins are the ones that serve as messengers, sending out signals that control cellular growth.

As a unique messenger substance, signal proteins from pearl powder may stimulate anti-aging activity, including new skin and bone growth.

The potential application of this to accelerate recovery for people in all types of sports is exciting.  As the over-60 generation continues to grow, there has been a sizable increase in the amount of osteoporosis, joint pain and arthritis, and a decline in the overall quality of health.

Studies show that many falls experienced by the elderly are caused by a hip or knee spontaneously fracturing just before the fall occurs.

Signal proteins can support and encourage skin and tissue repair, help you to maintain a youthful skin tone and secure vital skeletal health through promoting and increasing solid bone density.

Apparently, the signal proteins in pearl powder play a crucial role in its legendary benefits for promoting health, beauty, and longevity

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