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Pearl and Prostate Protection

Pearlcium International recently sent out an article with images about the reduction of facial inflammation. We have been speaking about the ability of pearl powder to address inflammation by dispersing ‘heat’ for decades.

What should be of interest to men and the women who love them…is the way that pearl powder can protect the prostate from inflammation which is the most common healthy issue for this part of the male anatomy.

In addition to balancing hormones in the body, the health of the prostrate is supported at the cellular level, since pearl is known for its quality of nourishing YIN which means that it helps with cellular integrity.

This is good news for those men concerned about their risk for prostate cancer. Pearl keeps healthy cells healthy and stabilizes the cellular wall’s integrity making the cell less susceptible to invading pathogens or chemicals that can damage the cell or cause it to malfunction.

Pearl is known to be instrumental in regenerating SHEN and JING which also brings benefits to the organs and glands of the Reproductive System…as well as improved function leading to greater sexual satisfaction for men…and the women who love them.

by Lynn Ferguson 

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