Results can vary from a short time to three months…

It depends on your physical makeup – everyone is different and therefore conditions of relief of stress and insomnia, can improve within a short time. For skin regeneration, bone density, a healthier heart, improved blood pressure, and eyesight and strengthened immune system, take internally allowing over several months. To reduce wrinkles, and helping to repair aging skin damaged from exposure to the sun may vary.

Recommended Dosage:

Try taking 2 capsules two times a day on an empty stomach.  Each bottle will last one month.

Should I take more Pearlcium, if I am much heavier and taller and if so, how much more?

Pearlcium may need to be increased in larger bodies because everyone is different, it’s important to find out what the right amount is for you. An additional one or two capsules may make a difference and see how your body responds to it.

Pearlcium is sourced from freshwater
Pearlcium is made from freshwater pearls, not sea water.

Is Pearlcium tested to be free of heavy metals, DDT and other toxins?

Pearlcium has to pass the lowest detectable test for contaminants, including DDT and heavy metal toxins.

Vegi capsules from vegetable sources?
Yes, we use 100% natural Vegicaps.

Pearl powder benefits -are there additives of any kind in Pearlcium?

No. Pearlcium contains only pure pearl powder processed through our patent-pending high-pressure process.

If, you are pregnant or nursing? Consult with your healthcare provider before use.

I am allergic to shellfish. Can I take Pearlcium without any allergic reaction?

So far, only pearl powder benefits and no pearl powder or Pearlcium related allergy has been reported or found. if you are allergic to shellfish you may not be able to tolerate Pearlcium safely. However, we can’t guarantee 100 percent that no one will ever have any allergic reaction to Pearl powder or Pearlcium. You may want to take caution when taking Pearlcium or consult your doctor on this issue.

I exercise… will Pearlcium help me recuperate faster?

Yes, Pearlcium stimulates regrowth of connective tissue, including ligaments, tendons, and the fascia that surround the muscles, skin, and organs. Pearlcium helps you to recuperate from injuries, over-stressed muscles, and tension more rapidly.

I have read that hydrolyzed pearls claim to have a 95% absorption rate and 4 times as much bioavailability as the finest ground natural pearl. How does Pearlcium compare with these claims?

Hydrolyzed Pearl powder is made by adding lactic acid or other acidic enzymes to interact with the original material. This reaction destroys many of the proteins, and because of this, hydrolyzed pearls contain very little (if any) of the signal proteins that are the key elements in the pearl’s many benefits for longevity, beauty, and wellness. Adding acidic material to react with the pearl also dilutes the calcium and other trace mineral content to half of its original value. Because of this, the hydrolyzed pearl powder does not enhance the overall bioavailability of calcium and trace minerals.

How does Pearlcium compare with Coral Calcium?

Pearls contain signal proteins that will stimulate new bone and skin growth. It helps to improve your heart condition, eyesight, and immune system and has a very positive effect on the body’s age-reversal processes. Compared with coral calcium, Pearlcium is much more absorbable and compatible with your bones and skin and has more health, beauty and longevity benefits.

Will Pearlcium work without changing my diet or exercise habits?

Pearlcium is a powerful supplement to promote health, well-being, youthful beauty, and longevity. However, it’s NOT a miracle pill. Those who are serious about health, well-being, beauty, and longevity should include proper diet and exercise to achieve maximum results.

I have elevated calcium level in the blood (Hypercalcemia). Can I take Pearlcium?

If you have Calcium levels in your blood are elevated, you need to consult a physician prior to using Pearlcium which contains 475mg Calcium Carbonate, 190 mg elemental calcium.

Who Should Take Pearlcium?

Professionals, Baby-Boomers, and Senior Citizens
Primary Benefit: Slowdown or Reversal of the Aging Process
Regain and maintain youthful skin tone, bone density,
vital organ function, eyesight, memory, peace, focus,
all-around performance, and restful sleep


Infants and Growing Children
Primary Benefit: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds
Develop stronger bones, better cognitive function improved
behavior patterns increased immune resistance, and better sleep


Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts
Primary Benefit: Quicker Recovery from Exercise and Injury
Significantly shorten recovery time, assist in rapid
healing of injuries, and improve the ability to focus


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