Is There a Substance That Can Reverse Aging?

Is There a Substance That Can Reverse Aging?

Searching for a unique substance to reverse aging has been a human pursuit since the start of civilization. Since ancient times, pearl has been recognized by many ancient civilizations – such as the Egyptian, Mayan, Indian, and Chinese – as an antiaging substance. Ancient Taoist books recorded pearl as a coveted anti-aging substance as well, noting that it can help people achieve longevity and youthful beauty. Does this long-standing fascination with pearl really have any substance, or is it just a fairy tale? Is there really a material that can reverse aging? Modern French scientists have found that pearl can stimulate the regeneration of osteoblasts (bone building cells) and fibroblasts (builder cells for connective tissue). Our cellular regeneration, especially bone and skin regeneration, quickly goes downhill with age. These research studies seem to provide the proof that pearl can indeed help rejuvenate our body. Furthermore, Chinese scientists have done several animal studies on the antiaging effects of pearl. These scientists have found that pearl can indeed prolong the lifespan of animals. In several research models, Chinese scientists found that pearl powder can prolong the life span of mice, fruit flies and silk worms by 20% to 57%.

If we were to apply the life-extending phenomena as observed in the silkworm, mice, and fruit flies to humans, it would indicate that our average lifespan could increase from 80 years old to at least 96 years old, even to 120 years old. If digesting pearl powder internally can indeed help prolong people’s and animals’ lives, what is the anti aging substance in the pearl? Over many years, scientists have been discovering more and more unique proteins in the pearl, some of them have never been found anywhere else on earth. These scientists have found that many of these proteins actually play an important role in the creation of pearl: they regulate calcium uptake, transportation, and secretion in the process of pearl formation. Research seems to support that some of these proteins in pearl act like signal proteins in the human body. Signal proteins are important messengers that send out biological signals to our cells, tissues, and organs. It seems that pearl signal proteins can send out messages to our body to regenerate our bones, skin, collagen, and other connective tissues, as well as enhance skin tissue repair and increase existing bone density. The pearl signal protein may well be the anti-aging substance we have long been searching for. But how can pearl signal protein play such an important role in our body? As it turns out, there is a profound reason behind it. In a study published in July 2004, Dr. S. Li and his colleagues at the Institute of Marine Biotechnology of Tsinghua University in Beijing isolated part of the DNA of pearl that can reproduce a complete fulllength of one of the pearl signal proteins. To their amazement, they found that the pearl signal protein-DNA encodes a protein which shares high similarity with our own human calcium binding proteins. Their research has been further confirmed by more studies all over the world. The findings indicate that we actually share a deep-rooted kinship, a real connection, and evolutionary bond at the DNA level, with signal proteins and the luminous, magnificent pearl. Pearl signal proteins appear to play a crucial role in pearl’s legendary benefits for promoting youthful beauty, health, and longevity. Is this the ultimate anti-aging substance we have been looking for since the birth of civilization? At the very least, the discovery of pearl signal proteins provides evidence that the ultimate anti-aging substance may exist. Stay tuned, as the ongoing research sheds more light on the subject

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