Pearl Care for Your Children and Pets

Pearl is also a superb supplement for your children.

It not only provides critical calcium that is more absorbable than other calcium supplements, it also supplies amino acids, proteins, essential trace minerals, and polysaccharides which are so pivotal for maintaining proper growth and metabolism. In China, people find that pearl added to their kids’ diet can do more than just meet their children’s calcium/mineral needs. It can also help improve their performance in school, especially for those kids who are intellectually challenged! Pearl can additionally help prevent them from getting sick, calm their system so that they are more emotionally stable and less irritable. It may also help them get a better night’s sleep! “My next youngest son had- “My next youngest son was having some terrible sleep issues. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but he has fallen asleep with no problem EVERY night for the last 6 weeks since he has been taking the Pearlcium. He also has a really hard time with spelling, but he has gotten 90- 100% on his last 3 spelling tests. He seems to be hearing the short vowel sounds a lot better, and his tendency to put the letters in the wrong order has lessened. Plus, he seems to be able to detect it now when he does flip them, being aware that the word doesn’t look exactly right, which he has never been able to do before.”

Pearl for Your Pets

“My daughter has a Teacup Poodle named Marque. She’s the cutest, sweetest little dog, but I couldn’t stand to hold her very long because of her bad breath. Boy, was it potent! I heard others say they brushed their dog’s teeth with Pearlcium, so I asked my daughter to do the same, but I was told Marque would not let her. I ask my daughter to give it to her in her food and let her lick a little off her hand, which she did…NOW Marque’s breath is as sweet as she is.” M. P., AZ “My dog, Hans, is a German Shepherd. We got him from the humane society. He is probably 10 years old. Last year, his legs started to get stiff and he did not want to take walks with me a lot of times. I began to give him Pearlcium. After a couple of weeks, he could walk much better and now he looks forward to taking walks with me again.” R. X., HI

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