Pearl-cium or Cal-cium?

Pearl-cium or Cal-cium?

Worried about your figure? While it has become almost natural to look to our fat content for a way to improve our shape, the most important contributor to a great figure is a healthy skeleton! Because we can’t see it, we often take this part of our physique for granted. However, bones need just as much tender love and care as our skin or our waistline. So how do we keep our bones healthy from the head to shoulders, knees, and toes? Calcium is the most important mineral for building stronger, more resilient bones. Our blood needs a base amount of calcium to ensure muscle and nerve function each day. The catch is that our bodies don’t produce calcium: it has to be ingested. If we don’t consume enough calcium – 75 percent of Americans don’t – the body extracts the needed minerals from our bones. This is extremely taxing, and eventually, our bones lose density, becoming more susceptible to breaks, fractures, and/or osteoporosis. Low calcium intake is recognized as a major public health problem in US.

The Challenge to Find a Good Calcium Supplement

As important and basic as calcium is, it is also one of the elements most difficult to be absorbed into or utilized by our body. For example, the absorption rate of the normal calcium carbonate supplement is only around 20%. Furthermore, the normal calcium dietary supplement can not help improve bone quality. Research studies suggest that high calcium intake doesn’t actually appear to lower a person’s risk for osteoporosis, the porous bone problem. It has been a great challenge for scientists and modern nutritional science to find a good calcium source that is more absorbable, more usable, and can help strengthen our bones. As it turns out, millions of years ago, nature had already prepared an optimal calcium supplement for us. That is a pearl. Containing more than 93% of calcium carbonate, scientific research indicates that, Pearl Powder is a superior form of calcium supplement in the following ways:

More Compatible and Osteogenic

Pearl is created through a unique organic process that is strikingly similar to that used by the human body. In fact, the regulation of calcium involved in pearl formation is nearly identical to the regulation of calcium metabolism in the human body at the DNA level. The scientific research on a pearl as a bone substitute and tooth filling demonstrates that pearl is completely compatible with the human body at cellular level. These scientists also find that pearl is osteogenic, i.e. it can stimulate bone builder cells to regenerate and make existing bone stronger.

Easily Absorbed

EAV testing shows that pearl powder is more easily absorbed into our body than common calcium. Often, calcium supplements claim to provide 500 mg – the National Institute of Health recommends people over nineteen get from1000 to 1200 mg a day. However, not all of the calcium promised by supplements is always absorbed by our body. In fact, the absorption rate of common calcium is only around 20%. However, Pearlcium is more easily absorbed by our bodies, making Pearlcium a more efficient calcium supplement.

Complete Matrix of Nutrients for Calcium Metabolism

In order for our bodies to metabolize and make use of calcium, a number of nutrients are also necessary. Unlike most calcium supplements, pearl powder contains all the nutrients essential to calcium metabolism, including more than 30 different trace minerals (such as magnesium, zinc, copper, iron and manganese), 17 different amino acids, and an abundance of proteins and polysaccharides.

Crystalline Form

Scientific investigation shows that the calcium compounds inside pearls have crystalline shapes that are clearly different from inorganically formed calcium compounds. This unique crystalline structure makes pearl extremely strong. This is one of the reasons it is considered by scientists to be an ideal candidate for use as a human bone substitute. The crystalline structure also contributes to the energetic healing effect of pearl powder.


While your body is working with pearl powder to maintain that sexy, strong skeleton, it is improving beauty in other ways as well. Pearl powder contains a unique group of proteins called signal proteins. Research studies suggest that these proteins act as anti-aging cellular messengers, telling your body to regenerate your skin and other connective tissues. The result is youthful-looking skin and healthy vital organs: all contributors to a beautiful, young self! Pearlcium is made from pure pearls by a patent – pending technology that preserves pearl’s crystalline structure and nutrients and making them more available to our body. Combining ancient wisdom and cutting edge modern technology, a superior calcium supplement is delivered to you in Pearlcium. So next time, when people ask about a good calcium source, tell them about Pearlcium! You will amaze them.

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