Pearlcium Testimonials:

Pearlcium Testimonials:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This information is for educational purposes only. Please consult a healthcare professional for medical advice

Blood Sugar Challenges and Uncontrollable Bleeding

Dr. Rulin may be awarded the Nobel Prize in the future for her Pearl Nutrient work to benefit mankind. This product reduced my blood sugar challenge. I’ve tried several herbs; none have helped. In June 2008; sugar reading was 242; in 8/6/08 reading was 341; in 8/30/08 reading was 300; no reading taken in 9/08; in 10/5/08 reading was 142 (this is after a week I started Pearl Nutrients); now reading is 130; my sugar level is nearly normalized (90 – 120 is normal reading according to prominent hospital in the area).

Pearl Powder Nutrients also helped me sleep better; I’ve been late for work since I started the product. I now have 3 alarm clocks to wake me up; some mornings all 3 clocks don’t wake me up. I may need to borrow the Liberty Bell to wake me up. Pearl helped me reduce work stress; I feel peace, calmed and relaxed.

It also stops the uncontrollable bleeding. I’m a bleeder with a paper cut. A week earlier, when I shaved my legs (after falling off the sink a few times), I accidentally nick my legs (as usual), something that I don’t like. Because whenever I nick my legs from shaving, they bleed sporadically throughout the day. This time, I popped open pearlcium capsules and rubbed them on my legs. Viola! The bleeding STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!!! I was in shock because I’ve never been able to stop the bleeding with lotion, baby powder, or medicated ointment, or even cayenne pepper. The bleeding wouldn’t stop til the following day. I have had many pants or long skirts damaged by this bleeding after shaving. Or many times I would not attend an event because of the bleeding. Dracula would love to have me for dinner.


Henrietta M.

Joint Deterioration and Weakness

For more years that I can remember, I have suffered from severe inflamed joint deterioration and horrendous nerve discomfort and continual weakness.

My feet and legs hurt so bad that I couldn’t go up and down the stairs without the fear of falling or walk around the block for some badly needed exercise. When I started taking Pearl Powder Nutrients, I was aware that my joint irritation had decreased. I had taken so many prescriptions that did so little for the problem, that I was afraid to say out loud “that the joint challenge was finally gone!” I was in fear of having to have another knee replacement soon, but not now….no more throbbing joint discomfort! My stamina during the day and half of the night is unbelievable.

Pearl Product allows me to be so calm during some very stressful times AND it gives me such an awesome sense of well-being!!! It has definitely gone to work in my body where it was needed the most. Thanks, Dr. Rulin!

Judy D from Iowa

Improved Vision

I can’t believe the improvement in my eyesight. I saw the difference but didn’t believe it. The proof was this morning when I tried to look at the thermostat to increase the temperature higher than the room temperature. I always needed my reading glasses to read the numbers. This morning I could read them without my reading glasses! I have been on the Pearl Powder supplement for about 1.5 weeks!

This is amazing!


Lower Back Discomfort And Severe Head Throbbing Nov 7/08

Well, I do not know how or even if Pearl Powder is responsible for the improvement in my back discomfort, but it is a whole lot better. Laurie fell on Monday night and I had to pick her up off the floor and put her in her chair so she could get up and walk.

She outweighs me by 30 pounds plus half of her body is mostly paralyzed, so she can’t help much. The next morning I could hardly move. My lower back had been badly strained. When I would get up out of bed or out of a chair I could not stand up straight. The inflamed area was intense.

Yesterday morning, I took my first dose of Pearl. It must have gone straight to my lower back as the discomfort was so much less, I could stand up straight immediately upon rising from a chair. There is a little soreness, but it is lessening with every 2 capsules of the Pearl.

I have to order some more so that I can put Laurie on it also.

Fast Forward Nov 8/08 – This morning Laurie/s head was aching for which she usually has to take drugs. I gave her some Pearl capsules and within a half hour, she had no more discomfort. Laurie says she has a “feel good all over” feeling now. Thanks for this great product.

Cherry L. WA

Balanced Sugar Levels, More Energy, Plus Many Other Results With Pearl Powder

I’ve only been on the product about three weeks. My body responds quickly to things either good or bad. The first thing I used it for was my high sugar levels, it had been running from 160-250 and I saw an immediate change and had to test it two or three times when it said 106. That was the second day. I also noticed I became relaxed. Usually, I was having to take some medication to relax and sleep at night. I became calmer and started sleeping very sound.

I noticed my blood flow numbers starting leveling out. It was never real high, but the anxiety kept it up some. I also saw a change in my skin. I don’t have many wrinkles and have always had nice skin but using it in some cream I had–I noticed my skin has a radiance to it. I also saw some of the fine lines disappearing. I began to have people complimenting me on my skin and wanting to know what I use. This was after using about four nights.

I had an irritation in my mouth and I put some on it and by morning, it was gone. I used it on some stretch marks and noticed how smooth the skin was and how they had faded some. I guess the very first thing I noticed was energy to be able to exercise without being exhausted. I also wasn’t getting tired in the afternoons and feeling like I needed a nap.

I went to a parade last week and had to walk several miles I realized my knees and hip weren’t hurting at all. It always would hurt when I exercised too much. Also, I feel the muscles in my legs have more strength. I also don’t have the morning stiffness in my body. I’ve noticed the sniffles from certain plants I usually have this time of year are not bothering me as much. I’ve hardly had to take anything for them. I don’t get so hungry–I guess my body is getting the nourishment it needs.

The pressure in my head from these seasonal plants goes away in just a few minutes when I put it around my eyes, temples, and neck. I mix it up like a paste with water or cream. My leg was hurting one night where I have protruding veins and I rubbed it all over that leg and almost immediately it stopped hurting.

My husband says it is helping his discomfort from repetitive wrist discomfort. He takes the capsules and also rubs it on his hand. My little dog got bit by a copperhead snake and I immediately put the powder in the hole and then made a paste and put it on there. I gave her some antihistamine for dogs and by the next morning she was running and playing as though nothing was wrong. She had very little swelling.

I gave it to my daughter who has severe throbbing discomfort in her head and usually ends up in the emergency room for a shot. She had just started taking the Pearl and the next day when she started getting a repeat of the throbbing. She quickly made a paste and put the Pearl on her head and temples. She said in about five minutes it was completely gone. She’s had one since did the same thing and it was gone.

This has all happened in just three weeks –what will the stories be in the months to come. This is a wonderful one-of-a-kind product that works quickly– I’ve used many good products, but this tops them all. Thanks.

Sue McKendrick

Relief From Stye, Heel & Shoulder Discomfort With Pearl Powder

Steve and I have been using the Pearl Powder for a couple of weeks now. I put some powder mixed with olive oil on an eyelid stye and it started going away the next day. There is also a slow and steady relief of discomfort on the bottom of my heel and shoulder that have both been nagging me. This product helps me sleep better without the discomfort. Steve is realizing a gradual balance of blood sugar levels also with the product. We look forward to more exciting results.

Anita H. Alaska

EAV Testing Of Activated Pearl Powder With Signal Protein

Lynn Ferguson is a Lifestyle Therapist whose Specialty is in Bio-Energetic Medicine. She evaluated the Pearl Powder Activated with Signal Protein using EAV equipment (Electro-acupuncture According to Voll). She has training in Acupuncture and Herbs with knowledge of the value of pearl in Formulations in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

She was sent a sample of the Pearlcium. This is based on three people’s evaluations. This statement is from an email sent to TJ Johnson. She gave us permission to share.

Yes, the Pearl is THAT good!

Basically, so far it is a superior substance for regenerating the cellular structure of the human body, especially the connective tissue, bone, tooth, nervous system, endocrine system, and circulatory system. It strengthens the heart muscle, conduction system, and the vascular system, in addition to supporting the function of the circulatory system. The Pearl rejuvenates the endocrine glands, in particular, the pancreas, the adrenals, the thyroid, the thymus, and improves pancreatic function for digestion while balancing both sluggish and hyperactive adrenal function.

The Pearl improved and balanced the liver and kidneys, the bladder, lungs, and lymphatic system structurally while supporting the function of these organs and strengthening the immune function in the lymph. The Pearl balances the brain – both structure and function and supports the nervous system. The Pearl rejuvenates the skin and the eyes. It balances fluid metabolism and regulates due (blood and body fluids like lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, and synovial fluid). The activation of SOD (sodium oxide-dismutase) is one of the most significant aspects of this product for those who are knowledgeable about such things.

That’s an overview for now.

This is just for three people and I will pass on more results as I continue to test others. I am of the opinion that this just might be one of the most potent substances for balancing and regenerating the human body that I have ever evaluated! Additional testing will provide more information, but at this rate, everyone I test will either be wanting to consume the product or market it or both.

Lynn Ferguson

Gum Tissue Test Shows No Bacteria After Using Pearl Powder

I went to a Health Show last weekend and stopped at a booth that tests for bacteria buildup that causes periodontal challenges. The attendant testing was absolutely amazed that she found no bacteria in my gum tissue. The only thing that I could attribute this to is the Pearl Powder that I’ve been rubbing on my teeth and gums for the last 4 weeks. My skin is also much softer plus my fine lines are all diminishing. I am telling everybody about this product!

Bernice G. CT

Cut Sealed Itself In Minutes With No Sting

I severely cut my finger this week and normally use my infrared tool to hold on any injury like this that works well, but it takes quite a few minutes to seal the cut. I grabbed the pearl powder to apply instead and IMMEDIATELY the bleeding stopped and also the burning sting was gone. WOW! Was I ever impressed? This product is incredible!

Pam G. AZ

6 Year Growth On Forehead Disappears:

The 6-year-old growth I had on my face totally disappeared within a week on the Pearl nutrient product. I also had three sensitive teeth that hurt me on a constant basis, one molar really was throbbing so bad that I had to chew food on the other side of my mouth, all the sensitive discomfort is totally gone. Also, the discoloration on one of the teeth is also gone.

My wife had a lesion under her left eye and it was red and inflamed, it has completely cleared up and the skin under the eye was really aged and wrinkled, now there are no wrinkles and the difference in the skin’s texture is profound. Her right eye is still wrinkled and leathery feeling but the left eye has smooth skin where we applied the product. I also had a few scars on my right knee, most are gone and the others have shrunk by 80%.

Russell S. North Carolina

Knee improvement

I tried the Pearl nutrients mixed with lotion for my knee discomfort last night and it did not hurt like usual and I slept much better. I used 2 capsules and enough lotion for moisture.

Linda C, OR

Jaw Bone Discomfort Gone

Pearl Powder is a most welcomed supplement . . . along with acupuncture –the synergy seems to be giving resolution to a jaw condition that I have had for a long time inspite of every approach /and base being explored and covered!!!!

Muriel G — CA

Skin Tags & More Muscles

In just one week taking the Pearl Nutrients internally and topically, my skin tags have diminished to almost half their original size. My energy levels have gone up and I’ve noticed more strength when a heavy steel garage door fell and I had to hold it for 30 minutes until help could arrive. I feel like Super Woman now!!

Pamela G., AZ

White Teeth and Reversal Of Receding Gums

After only 2 weeks on the Pearl Powder Capsules, my teeth haven’t been this white since I was 20. My 62-year-old receding gums are filling in where the root of the tooth was becoming exposed and I have no discomfort in my right knee to kneel where I suffered a serious injury from a ski accident 21 years ago. I am also seeing an improved thickness in my skin on the tops of my hands and neck area. I can’t believe what I am seeing in the mirror!!

Marjorie O. CA

Deep Smile Lines Are Fading

I noticed an over-night difference in the deep smile lines around my eyes and my endurance during workouts has improved noticeably. I am very excited to share this with clients that I train at the gym. This is a phenomenal product to help us all regain our youthful appearance and energy.

Snype M. MN

Better Breathing and New Skin Growth

I have suffered from an acute breathing disorder for years and within a few minutes of taking the pearl nutrients, I experienced a significant improvement in my breathing. A serious wound on my arm that would not get better grew new healthy pink skin overnight. My heart was beating irregularly and now it is normal. This is amazing!

Janice G. NC

Sun Sensitivity

Living in Arizona, and having fair skin I have to be very careful to avoid the sun. I usually burn within a few minutes and develop sun poisoning. Now after taking the pearl powder capsules internally and using it topically on my face, I can withstand several minutes in the sun without burning, and the redness disappears once in the shade. . . no adverse reactions now whatsoever. I’ve also noticed a calming effect from taking the Pearl Nutrients. I love this product.

Marty P. AZ

Foot and Skin & Eye Results

I have been suffering from hammer toes for years and finally had corrective surgery on both feet, including having some bunions removed which usually takes weeks for recovery. By taking 3 capsules orally and rubbing the pearl powder on my toes before I went to bed, the next morning I could wiggle my toes and bend my feet, I’m not walking like a duck anymore. The most amazing results came from what this is doing to the lines in my 74-year-old face. After applying the powder from the capsules typically with skin cream, I am constantly getting compliments about my skin that is noticeably smoother and more radiant. . . . plus improvement regarding a serious bruise that I recently acquired from a heavy planter that fell on my hand. The ugly black color disappeared overnight. It is now just a little red and this the fastest I have every reversed this type of bruise. I can’t say enough good about this product.

Fast Forward 1 week: I had postponed cataract surgery until after my foot surgery was completed. When I returned to the eye doctor to schedule that procedure, I was told my eyes were clear and would not require cataract surgery, to come back next year. Also, the high pressure in my eye that tested 34 last time was now down to 12 which is considered normal. I can only attribute all these improvements to the Pearl Nutrients that I have been taking.

Evva B, AZ

Bumps, Bruises, and Scaly- Itchy Skin

I had a hard fall after slipping off a curb. My right hip, shoulder, and face took the brunt of the fall and I had bumps and bruises all over. I used the Pearl Nutrients as soon as I got home on my face plus all the areas that swelled. By the next day, I had no discomfort in those areas . . . only bruises that also disappeared quickly.

I also suffered for years with a chronic itchy rash on my ankles, legs, fingers, and hips. The Pearl Powder stops the itch and clears up the redness. Usually, I am so ashamed of my masses of red bumps, and sometimes scaly skin, and often weeping rash. I am careful to have my weeping rash covered because I am afraid of redeveloping MRSA infection that I had in 1995. With the Pearl, my skin is cool to the touch now and not hot and inflamed, like it was. I make a Pearl Powder paste and apply it nightly to these areas of concern. Now I am not ashamed to wear a dress in public anymore like when I had to hide my “ugly” legs. I am very pleased with this product.

Mary R, AZ

Foot “Owie”

My dog dropped a big rock on my bare foot and I thought it was broken. Luckily, it wasn’t. . . but it swelled up like a football. I am a bleeder and bruise very easily, plus take medication for the heart. I got the Pearl Nutrients 4 days after the rock incident and immediately broke open a capsule to massage some powder onto my “owie” foot. I have applied it twice per day and after 3 days, the HUGE black and blue bruise is now just a raised area with a “hint” of gray under the skin where normally it would have been a totally black/purple bruise on my whole foot for several more days.

I have also used the Pearl in my facial moisturizer and it looks like my brown age spots are beginning to fade. I also dip my toothbrush into the powder and use it on my teeth. I can’t wait for totally “pearly whites” to come smiling back at me!


Calming Effect On The Brain & More Mobility

After only 2 days of taking the Pearl Nutrient capsules, my right side that had been locked up for months was noticeably more mobile and I could easily get out of bed with much less stiffness. I rubbed the powder on the side of my leg that was throbbing and the discomfort was gone within minutes. By the third day, I was more calm, less scattered and able to focus. On the fifth day, I was released from an emotional bondage that I have been experiencing for over a month. My sleep has improved significantly with vivid dreams that I haven’t had in years.

Brooke G, CA

More Shared Experiences With Pearl Nutrients:

My daughter, April, came over Friday and was sitting across the table from her Dad. She said ” Dad, your scar on your nose is gone. Has Mom been putting that “Pearl stuff ” on it ??

That is all I see.Pearl powder,” April, you must be right. It must be gone. I have not noticed it lately. Usually when Look in the mirror . Your Mom put the on my nose last week”. He said.

I got right up in his face and I really had to look closely to see the scar. It is almost filled in. It is all flesh color instead of red where the scar is/was.

I put the Pearl Nutrient it on twice and forgot about it.The scar did not bother me, but my husband has complained about it every day for almost 2 years.

He had a skin cancer removed from his nose Jan ’07. .They told him he would probably need plastic surgery.  He said he was almost 80 years old and he had been pretty long enough.

The Dr. gave him a prescription for a Sulfa drug to prevent an infection. Not being used to prescription drugs, he did not know he was allergic to it. We went back to the Dr. the 8th day of Ed being on the Sulfa drug. We were thinking it was the drug causing him to be sick. The Dr. told Ed that it was a virus and not an allergic reaction to the Sulfa drug. He told him to go to his Primary care Dr.

He ended up in the emergency room at the hospital the same day. They told me he could have died. He was on it (Sulfa) for 8 days. My other daughter, Misty FNPC, told me he wore his body out fighting it off.

The sulfa drug caused his face to swell and his wound opened up and then closed again later.

By the time we went for his follow-up with his doctor, it was a really bad lumpy scar. ( The doctor would not show his face) .

The Doctor’s assistant trimmed it with a razor blade. It was pretty bad.  Now, with Pearl Nutrients, it looks pretty good. ..really good.  I will find a before picture and take an after picture for you. When I give Ed’s testimony on the Conference Call, I will not go into detail.  Erasing a scar may not seem like a big deal, but it is a big deal to Ed.

Mary R., AZ

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