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Pearlcium’ Energetic Healing Effects Revealed by Kirlian Cameras

Pearlcium’ Energetic Healing Effects

One Sunday night, Pearlcium partner Lynn Ferguson and her good friend Karen held a dinner meeting. The event was organized to give people an opportunity to experience the many uses for Pearlcium and to witness and discuss its numerous benefits in the comfort of a homey social gathering. At this particular event, a Kirlian Camera was present. Kirlian Cameras, invented in 1939 by Russian scientist Semyon Kirlian and later developed in Germany, take photograms of corona discharges. A corona discharge is an electrical emission caused when charged particles are added or removed from something that naturally conducts electricity, like our hands. The Kirlian camera consists basically of a photosensitive plate and a source of high voltage. In order to take a photo, say, of our fingertip’s corona discharge, we place our fingertips on the photosensitive plate. Then the high voltage is released, and the surge of electricity adds charged particles to our body’s natural electric field. This creates a corona discharge, revealing the stability and strength of the energy around our fingertips. “We started taking a Kirlian Photograph of Donna’s [a guest] left hand’s fingertips. She had never taken Pearlcium, so I had her take three capsules and we waited for her body to absorb the Pearlcium and allow some time for it to begin to be assimilated into her Chi – ‘energetic field’ – the Life Force surrounding the physical body,” Lynn informs us. Chi, the Chinese word for energy, has been recognized as the window to our internal and spiritual health for centuries. Almost all ancient, and even many modern, cultures respect some version of Chi: prana in India, ki in Japan, Mana in Hawaii, even simply energy in Western New Age parlance. Even those removed from the world of alternative healing talk about people’s “energy”, like mentioning that “he has a good energy”, or even without discussing the word, “I don’t know, I just get a bad feeling from her”. In traditional Chinese medicine, Chi is believed to flow in several circles, called meridians, within our bodies. When this flow becomes blocked or unbalanced, our internal health is affected, usually our organs. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine work to discover areas of blocked chi in their patients. By returning this energy to its natural flow, they can relieve the affected organ. Lynn explained the hand, the area of Donna that was photographed, is connected to the Heart meridian. Initially, the energy field displayed on the photosensitive plate was mottled and weak. “After one hour, we took another Kirlian Photograph [of Donna’s hand] and the amount of increased Chi around each fingertip was quite obvious and impressive,” relates Lynn. A shocked Donna then revealed that she had recently undergone heart surgery; no wonder this part of her body was low in Chi. As Lynn predicted and the Kirlian photograph showed, Pearlcium had the power to increase and stabilize this vital energy in only one hour. The Kirlian photographs of Donna’s fingertip from that evening are provided above. Lynn was trained by one of the leading German researchers and technicians in the Kirlian photography field who, as she describes it, “gave it the professional attention Kirlian photography deserves which is able to measure the Life Force around animate objects and people.” The results presented by the Pearlcium Kirlian photography experiment surprised even this practiced professional. “It was astounding actually! I was even more impressed with Pearlcium than before…as there are very few substances on earth or sea that have enough life force to energize the field around the body in one hour! Pearlcium is that powerful: the strong and vibrant corona emissions from her fingertips were indicators that provided positive proof,” Lynn explains excitedly. The instant healing effect of Pearlcium as observed by Kirlian camera even amazed the creator of Pearlcium, Dr. Rulin. “I kind of know Pearlcium has energetic healing effects, but I was not anticipating the effects to be this powerful. On the other hand, it is not an accident either. Our patent-pending, proprietary technology utilizes vibration and aerodynamics to process pearls. It preserves pearl’s life-enhancing nutrients and crystalline structure. I believe the crystalline structure of pearl plays an important role in Pearlcium’s energetic healing effect.” Almost all the traditional medicines value energetic healing: Chinese medicine uses acupuncture, Hawaiian medicine uses lomi lomi massage, Japanese medicine uses Reiki, African healers use drumming and dancing, etc. for energetic healing. Energetic healing is starting to draw attention from modern health professionals. We will certainly see more energetic healing in the modern health care system. Because of its effectiveness, its low cost and ease of use, it is almost certain that Pearlcium will play a crucial role in bringing the important energetic healing to people’s life.

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