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Calcium is the major mineral in the body. Called “the king of the minerals,” calcium is basic to good health. Most are aware of calcium’s role in bone density — keeping strong bones and strong teeth — and in preventing osteoporosis.

More recently, research has linked calcium deficiency to anxiety and susceptibility to stress, to aging and to degenerative diseases, such as allergies, heart disease, cancer and more.

Calcium is needed for every organ and cell to function. It is involved in most metabolic activities and is essential for all the other minerals and nutrients to be utilized. Good calcium is crucial for a strong heart, calm nerves, and restful sleep.

Calcium is necessary for the electrical charge of the heart beating. All muscles need it to move. DNA replication, a crucial part of body repair and youthfulness, depends on adequate calcium.

Calcium is an alkalizer. Perhaps the most important function of calcium is maintaining the proper pH of the body. The common diet and stress are both acidifying, leaving most people overly acid.

However, the calcium one consumes must be absorbable. To absorb calcium, it must be the right kind. Most calcium supplement products do not contain well-absorbed calcium.

We have the best calcium products we have been able to find in over 35 years in the natural health field.


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Pearl-cium or Cal-cium?

Pearl-cium or Cal-cium?

Worried about your figure? While it has become almost natural to look to our fat content for a way to improve our shape, the most important contributor to a great figure is a healthy skeleton! Because we can’t see it, we often take this part of our physique for granted. However, bones need just as much tender love and care as our skin or our waistline. So how do we keep our bones healthy from the head to shoulders, knees, and toes? Calcium is the most important mineral for building stronger, more resilient bones. Our blood needs a base amount of calcium to ensure muscle and nerve function each day. The catch is that our bodies don’t produce calcium: it has to be ingested. If we don’t consume enough calcium – 75 percent of Americans don’t – the body extracts the needed minerals from our bones. This is extremely taxing, and eventually, our bones lose density, becoming more susceptible to breaks, fractures, and/or osteoporosis. Low calcium intake is recognized as a major public health problem in US.

The Challenge to Find a Good Calcium Supplement

As important and basic as calcium is, it is also one of the elements most difficult to be absorbed into or utilized by our body. For example, the absorption rate of the normal calcium carbonate supplement is only around 20%. Furthermore, the normal calcium dietary supplement can not help improve bone quality. Research studies suggest that high calcium intake doesn’t actually appear to lower a person’s risk for osteoporosis, the porous bone problem. It has been a great challenge for scientists and modern nutritional science to find a good calcium source that is more absorbable, more usable, and can help strengthen our bones. As it turns out, millions of years ago, nature had already prepared an optimal calcium supplement for us. That is a pearl. Containing more than 93% of calcium carbonate, scientific research indicates that, Pearl Powder is a superior form of calcium supplement in the following ways:

More Compatible and Osteogenic

Pearl is created through a unique organic process that is strikingly similar to that used by the human body. In fact, the regulation of calcium involved in pearl formation is nearly identical to the regulation of calcium metabolism in the human body at the DNA level. The scientific research on a pearl as a bone substitute and tooth filling demonstrates that pearl is completely compatible with the human body at cellular level. These scientists also find that pearl is osteogenic, i.e. it can stimulate bone builder cells to regenerate and make existing bone stronger.

Easily Absorbed

EAV testing shows that pearl powder is more easily absorbed into our body than common calcium. Often, calcium supplements claim to provide 500 mg – the National Institute of Health recommends people over nineteen get from1000 to 1200 mg a day. However, not all of the calcium promised by supplements is always absorbed by our body. In fact, the absorption rate of common calcium is only around 20%. However, Pearlcium is more easily absorbed by our bodies, making Pearlcium a more efficient calcium supplement.

Complete Matrix of Nutrients for Calcium Metabolism

In order for our bodies to metabolize and make use of calcium, a number of nutrients are also necessary. Unlike most calcium supplements, pearl powder contains all the nutrients essential to calcium metabolism, including more than 30 different trace minerals (such as magnesium, zinc, copper, iron and manganese), 17 different amino acids, and an abundance of proteins and polysaccharides.

Crystalline Form

Scientific investigation shows that the calcium compounds inside pearls have crystalline shapes that are clearly different from inorganically formed calcium compounds. This unique crystalline structure makes pearl extremely strong. This is one of the reasons it is considered by scientists to be an ideal candidate for use as a human bone substitute. The crystalline structure also contributes to the energetic healing effect of pearl powder.


While your body is working with pearl powder to maintain that sexy, strong skeleton, it is improving beauty in other ways as well. Pearl powder contains a unique group of proteins called signal proteins. Research studies suggest that these proteins act as anti-aging cellular messengers, telling your body to regenerate your skin and other connective tissues. The result is youthful-looking skin and healthy vital organs: all contributors to a beautiful, young self! Pearlcium is made from pure pearls by a patent – pending technology that preserves pearl’s crystalline structure and nutrients and making them more available to our body. Combining ancient wisdom and cutting edge modern technology, a superior calcium supplement is delivered to you in Pearlcium. So next time, when people ask about a good calcium source, tell them about Pearlcium! You will amaze them.

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Is There a Substance That Can Reverse Aging?

Is There a Substance That Can Reverse Aging?

Searching for a unique substance to reverse aging has been a human pursuit since the start of civilization. Since ancient times, pearl has been recognized by many ancient civilizations – such as the Egyptian, Mayan, Indian, and Chinese – as an antiaging substance. Ancient Taoist books recorded pearl as a coveted anti-aging substance as well, noting that it can help people achieve longevity and youthful beauty. Does this long-standing fascination with pearl really have any substance, or is it just a fairy tale? Is there really a material that can reverse aging? Modern French scientists have found that pearl can stimulate the regeneration of osteoblasts (bone building cells) and fibroblasts (builder cells for connective tissue). Our cellular regeneration, especially bone and skin regeneration, quickly goes downhill with age. These research studies seem to provide the proof that pearl can indeed help rejuvenate our body. Furthermore, Chinese scientists have done several animal studies on the antiaging effects of pearl. These scientists have found that pearl can indeed prolong the lifespan of animals. In several research models, Chinese scientists found that pearl powder can prolong the life span of mice, fruit flies and silk worms by 20% to 57%.

If we were to apply the life-extending phenomena as observed in the silkworm, mice, and fruit flies to humans, it would indicate that our average lifespan could increase from 80 years old to at least 96 years old, even to 120 years old. If digesting pearl powder internally can indeed help prolong people’s and animals’ lives, what is the anti aging substance in the pearl? Over many years, scientists have been discovering more and more unique proteins in the pearl, some of them have never been found anywhere else on earth. These scientists have found that many of these proteins actually play an important role in the creation of pearl: they regulate calcium uptake, transportation, and secretion in the process of pearl formation. Research seems to support that some of these proteins in pearl act like signal proteins in the human body. Signal proteins are important messengers that send out biological signals to our cells, tissues, and organs. It seems that pearl signal proteins can send out messages to our body to regenerate our bones, skin, collagen, and other connective tissues, as well as enhance skin tissue repair and increase existing bone density. The pearl signal protein may well be the anti-aging substance we have long been searching for. But how can pearl signal protein play such an important role in our body? As it turns out, there is a profound reason behind it. In a study published in July 2004, Dr. S. Li and his colleagues at the Institute of Marine Biotechnology of Tsinghua University in Beijing isolated part of the DNA of pearl that can reproduce a complete fulllength of one of the pearl signal proteins. To their amazement, they found that the pearl signal protein-DNA encodes a protein which shares high similarity with our own human calcium binding proteins. Their research has been further confirmed by more studies all over the world. The findings indicate that we actually share a deep-rooted kinship, a real connection, and evolutionary bond at the DNA level, with signal proteins and the luminous, magnificent pearl. Pearl signal proteins appear to play a crucial role in pearl’s legendary benefits for promoting youthful beauty, health, and longevity. Is this the ultimate anti-aging substance we have been looking for since the birth of civilization? At the very least, the discovery of pearl signal proteins provides evidence that the ultimate anti-aging substance may exist. Stay tuned, as the ongoing research sheds more light on the subject

Pearlcium Stories


“I can’t believe the improvement in my eyesight. …This morning I could read them without my reading glasses! This is amazing!” L.D., CT

“After only 2 days of taking the Pearl Nutrient capsules, my right side that had been locked up for months was noticeably more mobile and I could easily get out of bed with much less stiffness.” B. G., CA

“After brushing with Pearlcium, my teeth began to visibly lighten, within a week, I could see it!” N. A., AK

“I can’t wait for my “pearlywhites” to come smiling back at me!” K.D., WA

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Pearlcium Skin and Tooth Care

Pearlcium Skin and Tooth Care

You can pamper your skin and teeth with the following fun Pearlcium remedies: 1. Pearlcium skin powder Wouldn’t you love the skin that glows like a pearl? Simply use a makeup brush to spread Pearlcium powder directly and evenly onto your skin. You’ll notice that Pearlcium almost instantly “melts” into your complexion and gives it a shimmering, rich, and lively look. 2. Pearlcium cream Here’s a simple way to improve the beauty-enhancing capacity of your current facial cream many, many times over. Add 1 to 4 capsules of Pearlcium powder to 1 ounce of your favorite facial cream. Mix thoroughly, apply, and see if your skin doesn’t love it! 3. Pearlcium moisturizer Reduce sun spots and other signs of aging, by making your own Pearlcium moisturizer with fresh ingredients right from your garden. Feeding your skin with fresh “food” is simply fantastic. Just mix 1 to 4 capsules of Pearlcium powder thoroughly with 1 tablespoon of aloe vera juice and a teaspoon of lemon juice, then massage into clean skin. 4. Pearlcium mask Give your skin an anti-aging treat. Combine 1 to 4 capsules of Pearlcium powder with 1 tablespoon avocado, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, and 1 teaspoon honey in a small container. Mix thoroughly until smooth. Apply to your washed face, neck, and any other body area. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Your skin will be so thankful for this nectar of nourishment. 5. Pearlcium for Healthier, Stronger, Whiter Teeth Now you can tune-up your teeth, just like royalty used to do! Simply put your toothpaste on your toothbrush like you normally do, then sprinkle Pearlcium powder on top or dip your toothpaste in the Pearlcium powder. Voila! Now you can brush your way to a healthier, brighter smile.

Your Skin and Aging

Your Skin and Aging

According to the Center for Disease Control, the “over 65” population of America will double to 71 million – roughly one in five Americans – in just twenty years. One of the hurdles this community will have to deal with is increasingly “older” looking skin. While aging is an inevitable part of life, not everyone’s body ages in the same way. This rule is never truer than with skin. Living a healthy lifestyle, avoiding the sun, and not smoking are all good ways to slow down the skin-aging process. However, scientists and pearl powder punters alike are discovering that pearl could also help in maintaining healthy, youthful skin. As we age, our bodies stop producing two of the most important components of healthy dermis: collagen and fibroblasts. Collagen is a protein that supports our skin cells. Fibroblasts build the connecting fibers holding our skin together. Both are responsible for the firm, healthy look we associate with youth. However, as we age, both collagen and fibroblasts regenerate slower. University of Michigan finds that people in their 80’s have four times more broken collagen than people in their 20’s. Collagen becomes fragmented, and fibroblasts collapse. The overall effect? Wrinkles and thinning. Dr. Voorhees, Chair of the Dermatology Department at the University of Michigan, informs us that this collagen and fibroblast breakdown is a “vicious cycle”. “You have to interrupt it, or aging skin is just going downhill,” he warns. However, throwing a cog in that vicious circle may be easier than we think! The ancient Chinese empress Wu Ze Tian certainly believed that pearls contributed to younger looking skin: and she lived some thirty years longer than the contemporaneous population. Modern scientists agree. French scientists discovered that pearls can speed up the regeneration of collagen and fibroblasts. This indicates that pearl powder could be the interruption in the cell degeneration cycle Dr. Voohrees was talking about. Maintaining younger looking skin is not solely about beauty, however. It is also about health. Older skin tears and bruises more easily than its youthful alternative, making injury more likely and recovery slower. Dr. Xinzhong Zhao, a researcher at the 3rd Adjunct hospital of Hebei Medical School and Hebei Traditional Chinese Medicine School found that pearl powder could help patients recover from injury more quickly and more efficiently. Dr. Huang at Guanxi Medical School found that pearl’s anti-bacterial properties help heal faster as well. Anti-aging skin regeneration helpers like Pearlcium are not only about maintaining one’s youthful glow, but also about protecting oneself from injury. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and as we age it becomes increasingly important to treat it with the extra care. Pearl powder could be one way to throw a cog, or should we say pearl, in the “vicious cycle” of skin aging.

Dr. Marcus Laux provides an excellent source of information on everything pearl, including recipes for pearl skin treatments. You can access his pamphlet, titled “The Healing Power of Pearl”

Pearlcium’ Energetic Healing Effects Revealed by Kirlian Cameras

Pearlcium’ Energetic Healing Effects

One Sunday night, Pearlcium partner Lynn Ferguson and her good friend Karen held a dinner meeting. The event was organized to give people an opportunity to experience the many uses for Pearlcium and to witness and discuss its numerous benefits in the comfort of a homey social gathering. At this particular event, a Kirlian Camera was present. Kirlian Cameras, invented in 1939 by Russian scientist Semyon Kirlian and later developed in Germany, take photograms of corona discharges. A corona discharge is an electrical emission caused when charged particles are added or removed from something that naturally conducts electricity, like our hands. The Kirlian camera consists basically of a photosensitive plate and a source of high voltage. In order to take a photo, say, of our fingertip’s corona discharge, we place our fingertips on the photosensitive plate. Then the high voltage is released, and the surge of electricity adds charged particles to our body’s natural electric field. This creates a corona discharge, revealing the stability and strength of the energy around our fingertips. “We started taking a Kirlian Photograph of Donna’s [a guest] left hand’s fingertips. She had never taken Pearlcium, so I had her take three capsules and we waited for her body to absorb the Pearlcium and allow some time for it to begin to be assimilated into her Chi – ‘energetic field’ – the Life Force surrounding the physical body,” Lynn informs us. Chi, the Chinese word for energy, has been recognized as the window to our internal and spiritual health for centuries. Almost all ancient, and even many modern, cultures respect some version of Chi: prana in India, ki in Japan, Mana in Hawaii, even simply energy in Western New Age parlance. Even those removed from the world of alternative healing talk about people’s “energy”, like mentioning that “he has a good energy”, or even without discussing the word, “I don’t know, I just get a bad feeling from her”. In traditional Chinese medicine, Chi is believed to flow in several circles, called meridians, within our bodies. When this flow becomes blocked or unbalanced, our internal health is affected, usually our organs. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine work to discover areas of blocked chi in their patients. By returning this energy to its natural flow, they can relieve the affected organ. Lynn explained the hand, the area of Donna that was photographed, is connected to the Heart meridian. Initially, the energy field displayed on the photosensitive plate was mottled and weak. “After one hour, we took another Kirlian Photograph [of Donna’s hand] and the amount of increased Chi around each fingertip was quite obvious and impressive,” relates Lynn. A shocked Donna then revealed that she had recently undergone heart surgery; no wonder this part of her body was low in Chi. As Lynn predicted and the Kirlian photograph showed, Pearlcium had the power to increase and stabilize this vital energy in only one hour. The Kirlian photographs of Donna’s fingertip from that evening are provided above. Lynn was trained by one of the leading German researchers and technicians in the Kirlian photography field who, as she describes it, “gave it the professional attention Kirlian photography deserves which is able to measure the Life Force around animate objects and people.” The results presented by the Pearlcium Kirlian photography experiment surprised even this practiced professional. “It was astounding actually! I was even more impressed with Pearlcium than before…as there are very few substances on earth or sea that have enough life force to energize the field around the body in one hour! Pearlcium is that powerful: the strong and vibrant corona emissions from her fingertips were indicators that provided positive proof,” Lynn explains excitedly. The instant healing effect of Pearlcium as observed by Kirlian camera even amazed the creator of Pearlcium, Dr. Rulin. “I kind of know Pearlcium has energetic healing effects, but I was not anticipating the effects to be this powerful. On the other hand, it is not an accident either. Our patent-pending, proprietary technology utilizes vibration and aerodynamics to process pearls. It preserves pearl’s life-enhancing nutrients and crystalline structure. I believe the crystalline structure of pearl plays an important role in Pearlcium’s energetic healing effect.” Almost all the traditional medicines value energetic healing: Chinese medicine uses acupuncture, Hawaiian medicine uses lomi lomi massage, Japanese medicine uses Reiki, African healers use drumming and dancing, etc. for energetic healing. Energetic healing is starting to draw attention from modern health professionals. We will certainly see more energetic healing in the modern health care system. Because of its effectiveness, its low cost and ease of use, it is almost certain that Pearlcium will play a crucial role in bringing the important energetic healing to people’s life.

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