My name is Margaret and I am so excited about being pain-free that I just want to tell the world about a Gift-From-God called Pearlcium. I had several bad falls which exacerbated some degeneration that was already there and really messed up my back.

I loved to walk for physical fitness, I had to stop walking, because my knee was so bad I couldn’t anymore, creaking and cracking; and so painful I could barely get down to and up from the toilet, going down the stairs – could not walk down normally. I had to go one step at a time. I was in so much pain (ALL OVER MY BODY) I couldn’t hold a job. I couldn’t sit or stand for more than 15 minutes without having some REAL PAIN, I couldn’t sweep or mop (out of the question); I couldn’t mentally function to carry on my duties as an Administrative Assistant because of the heavy-duty medicines I was taking. I had become an OLD PERSON before my time, walking bent over like and the 80-year-old woman with arthritis of the spine; and all my doctors wanted to do was to continually give me medicines (you know that is big business) that kept me high and in a stupor all the time. I was at a point where I could barely drive myself anywhere, the sitting was painful to my back – I would be bent over – all in the windshield like a little old lady (smile) and some of the medicine had caused my feet and hands to become swollen. This was just about two weeks ago. I prayed to God that – if he could not heal me – just give me something to take away the pain and allow me to function (mentally and physically) so that I could have my life back again. And Lo and Behold he sent me a NATURAL PRODUCT MADE FROM THE PEARL CALLED PEARLCIUM – NO MEDICATION – NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Now I can sit at my computer for hours. I can reach out – I am just NOT engulfed in all that pain anymore. I HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY – AND SO LITTLE PAIN – I have to slow myself down. I find myself running up the stairs, just jumping in and out of the car – pain-free. I really have to slow myself down – it is regenerating – but I know it is not completely regenerated yet. I cannot wait to see what will happen in the next two months of taking this Pearlcium.

UPDATE: It has been two months now… and it gets better and better.

Today is April 24, 2009 – it has been two months now and my body is getting stronger by the day. I am back to walking – I can do a 17-minute mile now, with no pain. I feel my back getting stronger and stronger. The knee is almost back to normal all that swelling has almost gone down. I am 59 and look like I am 45 – no kidding. Very seldom do I have sinus headaches anymore. I think I could just go on and on, but I will stop for now.

I will keep you updated. I look forward to growing old these days. Thank the Lord for Dr. Xiu – and for sending Pearlcium to me.

Margaret H. CA

I have MS and am a wheelchair user. I go for physical every Thursday and before taking Pearlcium I could only walk 10 paces and after my exercise, I would have to rest in the afternoon as I was exhausted. Now after a few weeks on Pearlcium I come home in the afternoon not feeling tired and I can stay up until 12 pm watching TV. I can now walk 20 to 30 yards at a time and do 3.5 km per day on my exercise bike. I have worn glasses for 30 years and can now watch TV without them. I also sleep deeper and sounder and feel more refreshed on rising. All my friends are astonished at the improvement in me.

Paul S.  Dublin, Ireland

In just one week taking the Pearlcium internally and topically, my skin tags have diminished to almost half their original size. My energy levels have gone up and I’ve noticed more strength – when a heavy steel garage door fell I had to hold it for 30 minutes until help could arrive. I feel like Super Woman now!!

Pamela G. AZ

Pearlcium has made my skin look like that of a younger woman. I am 72, and my wrinkles are disappearing. I am not kidding. Both the texture and skin turgor is refining all the time. I have been taking this amazing product Pearlcium for a full year now. I love it. Thank you.

Kathleen Olsson Nelson, RN, Ph.D. CA

I am a registered nurse and mom of seven children.  My next youngest son was having some terrible sleep issues and he is dyslexic. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but he has fallen asleep with no problem EVERY night for the last 6 weeks since he has been taking the Pearl Nutrient.  He used to also have a really hard time with spelling, but he has gotten 90-100% on his last 3 spelling tests.  He seems to be hearing the short vowel sounds a lot better, and his tendency to put the letters in the wrong order has lessened.  Plus, he seems to be able to detect it now when he does flip them, being aware that the word doesn’t look exactly right, which he has never been able to do before.

Jackie C. / Illinois

I could not hold a cup of coffee or anything with my hands without support before. After taking Pearlcium the pain lessened and with continued use of it, I hardly notice any pain. I can hold a cup now without pain. When we were out of Pearlcium, I did notice some sensation in my wrist.

I have been on Pearlcium for over one year, each month in that year I notice my pants were loose, I wore a size 12 (tight on me) and now I fit in a size 9, loosely, my tops are no longer tight on and my skirts are very very loose. I have not changed my eating habits, gone on a diet plan, nor took to working out to lose weight.

Barbara H. Big Island, Hawaii

The gray in my hair is turning to blonde. From my father’s side of the family, I inherited a spinal curvature. Recently, I noticed that my back is actually straighter now!

The heart palpitations I’ve experienced since entering pre-menopause (approximately ten years ago) is no longer an issue, and my heart rate has gone from an average of 100 down to 60.

I’m very thankful for my friend introducing me to Pearlcium.

Bonnie T. AZ

Greetings from East Texas, I wanted to let you know I had a bone density test and it came back -3. I do not look or feel like some tottery little old lady, but no doubt something was amiss in spite of the fact I take a lot of vitamins and minerals. I started on Pearlcium and two months later went to have a screening where they check your bone density. My doctor said this is remarkable. I was -1, I have been on Pearlcium for three months and I am thankful for my improvement. I love Swiss cheese but I do not want my bones to look like it.

Thanks! TiShia M. TX

My high sugar levels had been running from 160–250. After I took pearl powder, it came down to 106. Usually, I have to take some medication to relax and sleep at night. I became calmer and started sleeping very sound. People have been complimenting me on my skin and want to know what I use.

Sue M. TX

I am only 19 years old, and I work out five days a week rather intensely. As a result, I used to be very sore all over my body, every day. After taking Pearlcium, my muscle soreness has drastically reduced, and I am experiencing noticeable muscle growth from the Pearl nutrient as well. As with most teenagers, acne has been an issue of mine – I have had mild acne, and have been using the Pearlcium on my face as a paste at night, and just brushing the powder on in the morning, and the results I have seen have been terrific. Pearl nutrient hasn’t dried my face at all and has also helped with acne scarring.
Kenneth B. FL

Twenty years ago I had two heart attacks in succession. I was in pretty bad shape and getting worse day by day. My cholesterol was high and I was tipping the scales at over 300 pounds. In October, my wife was contacted by Sue M. who told her about a product called Pearlcium. In January 2009, I had a follow-up appointment with a heart specialist. The doctor looked over all my tests and records from the heart monitors I was wearing and pronounced “You do not show any signs of heart arrhythmia or congestive heart failure”.

This is an amazing product which Dr. Rulin Xiu has created and I am so thankful that I have been the recipient of this great discovery.

Bill E.  CA

I have suffered from an acute breathing disorder for years and within a few minutes of taking the pearl nutrients, I experienced a significant improvement in my breathing. A serious wound on my arm that would not get better grew new healthy pink skin overnight. My heart was beating irregularly and now it is normal. This is amazing!

Janice G. NC

I noticed an overnight difference in the deep smile lines around my eyes, and my endurance during workouts has improved noticeably. I am very excited to share this with clients that I train at the gym. This is a phenomenal product to help us all regain our youthful appearance and energy.

Snype M. MN

I have taken your product Pearlcium for the last three months. I have noticed my hair doesn’t need to be colored like I have been doing – for several years I would need to color my white hairs about every three weeks. I took a look at my calendar the other day and realized it has been over a month since I used my hair coloring, and I do not see the white hairs anymore. If I can see such a dramatic change in my hair I feel what is happening to me inside must be wonderful too. Thank you, Pharm East for such a healthful and helpful product.

Sheri P. CA

I went for a facial yesterday morning. The woman who regularly does my facials asked me if I was using a new product. She noticed that the little red capillaries that had always been there had totally vanished. I have also experienced that some little bumps that have appeared on my back for years have also vanished. I can only assume that both of these events are benefits of using Pearlcium. I have been taking Pearlcium orally and in my face cream now for about five weeks.

Ida E.  Lake Havasu City, AZ

The most amazing results came from what this is doing to the lines on my 74-year-old face. After applying the powder from the capsules typically with skin cream, I am constantly getting compliments about my skin that is noticeably smoother and more radiant…

Evva B. AZ

Several years ago I used an acidic product that destroyed some of my enamel between the teeth. I was told that hundreds of people had the same problem. Just since I have used Pearlcium I notice now that my teeth enamel is building up close to my gum line. I am so grateful.

Mary D. Phoenix, AZ

“I can’t believe the improvement in my eyesight. I saw the difference but didn’t believe it. The proof was this morning when I tried to look at the thermostat to increase the temperature higher than the room temperature. I always needed my reading glasses to read the numbers. This morning I could read them without my reading glasses! I have been on the Pearlcium for about one and a half weeks! This is amazing!”

L. D. CT

I have never seen a product that was able to remove the stain from teeth until now. Pearlcium is one of the best home care products I have found in my 20 years as a dentist for patients to maintain healthy teeth and gums. I’ve done a study showing the positive effects of minerals on gum inflammation when applied locally, so I was really pleased when Pearlcium came along. Finally, I can recommend to my patients a mineral product that is both easy to apply and of high quality. Thanks again, Pearlcium.

Carey O., D.D.S. CA

Now let’s find out how and why Pearlcium is special, and how it can change your life just like it has changed the lives of thousands of people in the past two years.


Asperger Syndrome ….I have introduced to Pearlcium 8 weeks ago. The first thing we noticed was our 8-year-old son who has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. Within 2 weeks of taking 2 capsules (in Yogurt) morning and evening, we found he was getting calmer and sleeping throughout the night. He completely stopped waking up and coming to our bed. He is able to handle surprises easier and able to be content in a 2 by 2-hour car journey. He is now able to do his homework in an orderly fashion and on his own. His teachers are amazed at the change in his behavior in the classroom. It is like a ton weight being lifted off our shoulders Mary M …… Ireland

Mary M …… Ireland

For most of my adult life, I have suffered from Eczema and Acne on my back and face. My doctor tried various medications, these worked to an extent and for a period of time, but eventually, the effects wore off. My Aunt (a Pearlcium convert) suggested that I apply Pearlcium externally and take 2 capsules twice daily… After a few weeks the Eczema and Acne are drying up and I am looking forward to a full cure. The powder can be mixed with a little foundation cream or water into a paste and then applied to the affected area. I will still keep taking my Pearlcium capsules every day to prevent it returning. Paul B. UK

Paul B. UK

I have suffered from Dandruff since I was 12 years old when my mother massaged various treatments into my scalp. I stopped spending. on a ” Cure ” a long time ago after spending lots of money without any effect. I came to the conclusion there was no cure. I then heard about Pearlcium and thought that as it appears to help so many things it might help my Dandruff. My problem was how to apply it, so I decided to follow the example of Cleopatra many years ago and mix it with white wine vinegar to produce a solution of Pearl. I rubbed the solution into my scalp every day for 2 weeks and Hey Presto, no dandruff, I now use it once a week as a maintenance treatment. It could also be mixed with conditioner into a solution to make it spread over the scalp.

Stephen B. UK

“I am 79, looking, sounding and behaving like 50 years old. I have been in the health industry for many years and  I truly believe Pearlcium is the best product I have ever encountered. It can help people in so many ways. I take other products as well, but I do think Pearlcium is the main product that helps me live a vibrant, active and healthy life. The most amazing benefit I received from Pearlcium is on my vision. I wore glasses for many years, now I don’t need to wear them anymore.”

Derek E. United Kingdom

I have been in a very stressful situation with my daughter since the state CPS got involved in taking her away due to a chemical imbalance and mood disorder that I have been battling since the 80s. The doctors have been trying to find the right medications to treat me with the proper dosage, but when CPS took my daughter two years ago, my problems worsened: the mood swings were more severe, my body seemed to break down causing pain in my legs and back making it very hard to move or walk, I started getting migraines from the extra stress of court, and so on. They just kept putting me on more and more medications in order for me to function, but it only seemed to make my situation worse.

My Aunt Mary, who was aware of what was going on with me, told me about Pearlcium Pearl Powder. She gave me a bottle to try it out and I take it as directed – two capsules in the morning and at night. I started taking Pearlcium and I couldn’t believe the difference it made in my life. It was like seeing the light, so to speak. Pearlcium was the best thing that ever happened to me. It did what all the doctors in my life have been unable to achieve with all their medications. Even my neurologist said if it was working, then keep taking it!

As a result of taking Pearlcium for only four weeks, I have gained control of my life and I have custody of my daughter again. I don’t have any crying spells now, I don’t have migraines anymore, my leg and back pain have improved, and I don’t have to take the anti-inflammatory medications anymore, or the sedatives or narcotics that had been prescribed.

It is unbelievable that I have cut out four medications and I think anyone who is experiencing any type of chemical imbalance or mood disorders should take pearl powder because it is the best thing that I have ever taken! I even spoke with a doctor on one of the Pearlcium calls and she suggested for me to take two capsules three times a day, so I started to do that and I feel even better now, I even noticed my skin is better as well!

The state was not going to give my daughter back to me when I couldn’t even control myself in court. I am so thankful Pearlcium has brought back balance in my life so I could get my daughter back. I encourage everyone to try it because it is awesome!

Martha S. Italy, TX


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