Your Skin and Aging

Your Skin and Aging

According to the Center for Disease Control, the “over 65” population of America will double to 71 million – roughly one in five Americans – in just twenty years. One of the hurdles this community will have to deal with is increasingly “older” looking skin. While aging is an inevitable part of life, not everyone’s body ages in the same way. This rule is never truer than with skin. Living a healthy lifestyle, avoiding the sun, and not smoking are all good ways to slow down the skin-aging process. However, scientists and pearl powder punters alike are discovering that pearl could also help in maintaining healthy, youthful skin. As we age, our bodies stop producing two of the most important components of healthy dermis: collagen and fibroblasts. Collagen is a protein that supports our skin cells. Fibroblasts build the connecting fibers holding our skin together. Both are responsible for the firm, healthy look we associate with youth. However, as we age, both collagen and fibroblasts regenerate slower. University of Michigan finds that people in their 80’s have four times more broken collagen than people in their 20’s. Collagen becomes fragmented, and fibroblasts collapse. The overall effect? Wrinkles and thinning. Dr. Voorhees, Chair of the Dermatology Department at the University of Michigan, informs us that this collagen and fibroblast breakdown is a “vicious cycle”. “You have to interrupt it, or aging skin is just going downhill,” he warns. However, throwing a cog in that vicious circle may be easier than we think! The ancient Chinese empress Wu Ze Tian certainly believed that pearls contributed to younger looking skin: and she lived some thirty years longer than the contemporaneous population. Modern scientists agree. French scientists discovered that pearls can speed up the regeneration of collagen and fibroblasts. This indicates that pearl powder could be the interruption in the cell degeneration cycle Dr. Voohrees was talking about. Maintaining younger looking skin is not solely about beauty, however. It is also about health. Older skin tears and bruises more easily than its youthful alternative, making injury more likely and recovery slower. Dr. Xinzhong Zhao, a researcher at the 3rd Adjunct hospital of Hebei Medical School and Hebei Traditional Chinese Medicine School found that pearl powder could help patients recover from injury more quickly and more efficiently. Dr. Huang at Guanxi Medical School found that pearl’s anti-bacterial properties help heal faster as well. Anti-aging skin regeneration helpers like Pearlcium are not only about maintaining one’s youthful glow, but also about protecting oneself from injury. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and as we age it becomes increasingly important to treat it with the extra care. Pearl powder could be one way to throw a cog, or should we say pearl, in the “vicious cycle” of skin aging.

Dr. Marcus Laux provides an excellent source of information on everything pearl, including recipes for pearl skin treatments. You can access his pamphlet, titled “The Healing Power of Pearl”


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