Month: September 2017

How can you fight aging?

Five principles of anti-aging, youthfulness, and beauty

I know that by now you can’t wait to know how pearl can have such magic abilities to help you live a long and healthy life. Before I address your burning questions, let me review the five major factors that cause aging:

Reason #1: Thousands of cells in our bodies are dying at every moment, but thanks to our body’s amazing cellular reproduction processes, our body stays intact and keeps developing – no matter how old we are. However, after the age of 40 cellular reproduction does slow down. This means that many of the cells in our bodies are not replenished, and so the body starts to degenerate. That is why after turning 40 we start to see more wrinkles, our bones start to become more porous and will fracture more easily, our teeth start to weaken, our heart function is reduced and our arteries begin to harden, our eyesight begins to dim, and our liver, kidney, and brain function all start to decline.

Reason #2: Our bodies will age more quickly when we lack the nutrients we require, if these nutrients are not in the correct proportion, or if they are in a structure that is not usable by our bodies.

Reason #3: Oxidation and inflammation are two of the leading causes of aging, disease, and death. Our body’s ability to fight against oxidation and inflammation declines with age.

Reason #4: External factors such as stress, radiation, heat, air, and bacteria can all cause aging, disease, and death.

Reason #5: Mental and spiritual reasons are also an important factor in aging. Do you love and treasure yourself? Do you have peace in your life? Do you live the life you always wanted, or do you just get by? Are you positive or are you complaining all the time? Without loving and caring about yourself on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, you can’t achieve the health, beauty, and youthfulness that you desire.

Here is how pearl can help you achieve longevity and beauty in these five aspects:

  1. Pearl enhances cellular regeneration.
  2. Pearl provides nutrients compatible with your body on a genetic and cellular level.
  3. Pearl improves the body’s ability to fight against oxidation and inflammation.
  4. Pearl reduces the aging effects of oxidation, inflammation, radiation, and other external factors.
  5. Pearl promotes mental and spiritual wellbeing and celebration.
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