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An Interview with the Creator

How did you get interested in making this pearl supplement?

I started to collect herbs and sell them when I was six years old. Although I had rarely seen a pearl in my youth, I have always been fascinated with pearls. I had a feeling that it can take our lives to a higher level. From the ancient text, I got to know that taking pearl inter­nally can help people attain health, longevity, maintain youthful beauty, and a high­er state of the mind.

It is not a surprise. For many years, I have kept up with the scientific research on the healing potential of pearls. I find exciting, ongoing stud­ies about pearl which have not only confirmed but, in fact, enhanced the mysti­cal power I felt about pearl since childhood: the magical crystalline structure of pearl, the mysterious pearl signal proteins, and their connec­tion at DNA level with the human proteins involved in calcium metabolism.

I have also been studying and perfecting a way to pro­cess pearls to preserve its nutrients – especially pearl signal proteins – and make it more available to our body. I am so excited to finally be able to make this precious natural treasure available to the world in a high-quality form through Pearlcium.

You developed a patent-pending process to manu­facture pearl powder. Does your process use heat or acidic solutions?

No, the process I devel­oped to manufacture our pearl powder does not use heat or acidic solution. We use vibration and aerodynamic pressure to break down pearls. This process is proven to make the nutrients in pearl more available to our body. At the same time, it preserves pearl’s crystalline structure, which I think contributes to pearl’s subtle energetic healing properties.

What were your goals/dreams as a child/young adult? Any aspirations you held when you were young?

I was always very good at math. I won a prestigious award for math­ematics in grade school and this solidified my academic career. I eventually earned a Ph.D. at Berke­ley for Grand Unification Theory. I was very ambitious. Physics really set a foundation for me to approach herbs with a scientific mindset, and combine traditional techniques with science. This way you can produce something that is natural, but more powerful and more consistent.

What can you tell us about the Pearlcium process? How are pearls formed, where are they formed, once they’ve formed how do they make it into those capsules and finally into our mailboxes?

It all begins with an external resi­due that gets into the oyster or mus­sel. They feel uncomfortable and try to protect their bodies. They excrete this encasement to try and protect themselves, and this is how the pearl is created. A lot of people are wor­ried about harmful metals in pearls. We test our pearls for metals, and the pearl is very pure, even though the water may be contaminated. Signal proteins control the whole process, and this protein is very similar to human DNA that controls human calcium metabolism. So in some ways, we are connected to the pearl on a DNA level. The oyster creates something beautiful out of challenge; kind of like our lives. A lot of the good we have comes from overcoming challenges.

What did you plan on doing after college? Did this work out?

After graduate school, I pursued my research on Grand Unification Theory, but I was imbalanced. I longed to connect with people and nature. Then, in one of my trips back to China, some friends wanted me to go into business with them. I took other opportunities to work in the herbal business and suddenly everything made sense, and I found my passion. I kind of stumbled into it. I started Pharm East and moved to Hawaii to help with Noni pro­cessing. I was, definitely, guided by a higher power.

Many people shrug off the alternative medicine, arguing that its benefits aren’t proven and that many herbal remedies are a scam. What would you say to someone with this opin­ion?

To me, natural healing is much better than any of the other medi­cation out there. Not only can it be very effective, it also enhances your body’s natural strengths. None of the pharmaceutical medicines can really do that. A lot of medication weakens your body and causes extra harm. To me, the advantages of natural healing are so obvious. You need both. Science alone is not enough. In a way, science is quite limited. Learning from nature is essential. When you forget that, it causes imbalance.

Do you use Pearlcium? How has it helped you? Any special recipes you can share?

After the whole ordeal of figur­ing out the process, designing the equipment, getting the equipment custom made, etc., I remember the first bottle of Pearlcium. I took a capsule, and felt I was taking in this great, spiritual energy! I never get mad at anything now, people say I’m so chilled out. It’s really cool.
I use Pearlcium both internally and externally. I also give Pearlcium to my German Shepherd, Hans. Pearl­cium helps Hans’ joint health.

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